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Okt. Black Lagoon – zwembadafdekkingen.nul – Gesamtausgabe – Blu-ray: Rokuro wird von seiner Firma beauftragt eine Diskette mit äußerst geheimen Daten per. BLACK LAGOON ist der wohl spektakulärste Action-Manga der letzten Jahre! . Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1: Black Lagoon · Staffel 2: Black Lagoon: The . Dabei wird er von der Lagoon Companydie im Auftrag der russischen Mafia arbeitet, überfallen und book of the dead documentary Geisel genommen. Peanuts für Kids 4: Durch die Nutzung dieser Savanna King™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Genesis Gamings Online Casinos erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und wild luck casino for viber Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Und schon geht es rund in den ehrwürdigen Gemäuern! Rechtsgrundlage hierfür ist eine Interessenabwägung, die in der Abwägung keine Einschränkung der Rechte und Freiheiten des Betroffenen bedeutet. Neu registrieren Passwort vergessen. Black Lagoon 1 ePub. Man lasse sich von einer modernen Piratenbande entführen. Etwas Schade ist, dass seit Band 9 die Geschichte nicht fortgesetzt wurde, etwas bedauerlich, aber vielleicht gibt es doch noch irgendwann eine Revel casino update. Black Lagoon 9 Taschenbuch.

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Nicht nur für Jungen! Black Lagoon 4 Taschenbuch. As a response Hiroe transferred to Shogakukan in the early s, where all of his manga released before Black Lagoon were republished and re-released. Add the first question. Das Okodil und der…. Black Lagoon 1 ePub. Black Lagoon 1 Taschenbuch. Bild für Print tif dpi Bild für Web jpg 72dpi. Du kannst problemlos und jederzeit zurück zur klassischen Ansicht wechseln! Benny voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Unser Shop ist von Trusted Coupon spiele max zertifiziert. Lanastar rated it my way deutsche version liked it Feb 20, Full Cast and Crew.

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She also went to Japan as his bodyguard when Rock acted as Balalaika's translatorbut mobile online casino pointed out by Benny the only real reason she went was to look after him because she was worried about him. Due to her ambidextrous marksmanship skills, she is nicknamed "Two Hand" by the denizens Beste Spielothek in Groß Beuster finden Roanapur, which is based on Douglas E. Rock has been able to arrange proper business deals with the Church. It is also implied by Eda that Revy has no formal education, most likely due to her upbringing and her dropping out black laggon school in junior high. Sunmaker casino login unsuccessfully trying to intimidate Dutch into ending his contracts with Black laggon Moscow, he has a proxy hire Lagoon Company for a job and then sends the pirate gang of Luak to ambush them, but Revy and Dutch wipe out the entire fleet. In the anime, she fights only with blades, and never engages anyone in true hand-to-hand combat. In Chapter 73, Roberta is seen with an American woman, presumably Eda, betfair blog through airport security to continue her pursuit of the Americans. Rock eventually begins to enjoy his life as a pirate and becomes even more comfortable with corruption. Her legitimate business front is, fittingly, a meat packing business named "U. Dutch 18 episodes, Dean Redman

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Der actionbetonte Manga, der erstmals erschien und sich der Seinen -Gattung zuordnen lässt, wurde als Anime -Serie verfilmt. Carlsen Mobile - alles für unterwegs! Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Die Anime und der Manga haben es in sich! I do like it when a manga has a story, but the story and the conversations have to be interesting. Ein neues Nutzerkonto einrichten Neu anmelden. An Black Lagoon gefällt mir die Action und Spannung. Du kannst problemlos und jederzeit zurück zur klassischen Ansicht wechseln! And the twist with Eda? Logan rated it really liked it Nov 12, Das Okodil und der…. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Taavi Kervinen rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Sie hat jedoch eine Neigung Rock aus kritischen Situationen zu retten. Ein neues Nutzerkonto einrichten Neu anmelden. Black Lagoon 1 Taschenbuch. Ich hoffe das bald auch der neuste Revy scheint ebenfalls eine Leichenfledderin zu sein, was sich dadurch andeuten, als sie in Episode 5 damit beginnt, die toten Nazis um ihre Wertgegenstände zu erleichtern. Die Geschichte ist so düster und böse, dass man sie nur lieben oder hassen kann. Die Rückkehr des Adlers 29 Apr 7. Chris Vermeers rated it it was amazing Sep 22,

Sir Alfred feels that Ratchman and his men are idiots and a disgrace to call themselves Nazis, seeing their easy defeat by a group of "racially inferior" members as proof of their incompetence in his view.

He even thanks Dutch and Revy for killing them off for him, and even harbours an amount of respect for Dutch, despite being a black man.

Dutch later finds out that the Spaniard who hired him was in fact The Boss setting him up. Despite being involved with an Islamic terrorist group, he himself is an atheist.

Born in the Adachi ward in Tokyo , Masahiro was once an enthusiastic activist for human rights before joining the Japanese Red Army during the Cold War.

Later, he was forced to evade arrest by hiding overseas after most of its members were arrested; and it was the time he traveled to Bekaa , Lebanon, that he met Ibraha.

He is a Lebanese, and is resolute in his hatred of Israel , as his son was killed by Israeli soldiers in Beirut , Lebanon in , after which he dedicated his life to destroying the West.

Compared to Takenaka, he is the exact opposite in personality. While chasing Revy, Rock, and Shenhua towards a Basilan military base, he is shot and killed by Takenaka for refusing to pull their forces back for a retreat.

Balalaika came to Japan to work out a deal with the Washimine group to expand their influence in Japan in exchange for helping them weaken a rival Yakuza group, the Kousa Council.

However, when Hotel Moscow's methods went too far, Tsugio Bando, the current head of the Washimine group, tried to stop them and was killed by Balalaika, who decided she would instead destroy both groups and take over their operations.

Following his death, Ryuzo's daughter was put in charge. In the end, the entire Washimine group, and family, were wiped out along with the Kousa Council.

Her discussions with Rock lead him to think he might return to an ordinary life, although things soon turn dark when Rock learns that she was born into the Washimine Group.

Having lived a normal life free of conflict, she learns that she is the only possible leader of her father's crime family, as the Kousa Council refused to allow anyone other than a blood relative take over.

When her bodyguard and unspoken love Ginji resolves to fight "Hotel Moscow", she decides join him, assuming the mantle of leader.

She falls, seemingly inevitably, into the world of the yakuza, although Rock desperately tries to persuade her to walk away.

She initially claims her actions are to uphold the honour of the Washimine Group, but in reality she believes this is the only way she can be with Ginji.

In her spare time, Yukio enjoyed reading a wide variety of books, particularly those concerning philosophy she is once seen reading a book written by Martin Heidegger.

She commits suicide with Ginji's sword after he is killed by Revy. Thoughtful, intelligent and talented, the misfortune of being the only heir to the Washimine group proved too much to bear.

He works as a street stall vendor, but was formerly an assassin nicknamed " Hitokiri Ginji " Manslayer Ginji due to his use of a katana in combat, serving the Washimine until the death of his leader, who was also Yukio's father.

His skills with his blade are exceptional, manifesting themselves in such feats as cleaving bullets in two in midflight. Coupled with his ability to evade gunfire from multiple foes, Ginji almost completely eschews the use of firearms.

He and Yukio quietly share an unspoken love, but neither choose to act upon it. Ginji had protected Yukio for a long time and hoped that she would live a normal life despite her family's criminal background.

He seems to regret his past as a murderer, and is unwilling to take up arms again until his friend and former leader Tsugio Bondo is killed by Hotel Moscow.

Ginji attacks the Japanese branch of the Russian Mafiya to hunt down Balailaka, though he changes targets when the Washimine enforcer Chaka goes rogue and kidnaps Yukio.

He briefly allied with Revy and Rock to rescue her, massacring Chaka's henchmen before cutting off the enforcer's hands and drowning him in a pool.

Ginji then assists Yukio in her efforts to avenge the slaughter of her clan, and they capture Rock so that he can lead them to Hotel Moscow's base.

However, Revy catches up with them, prompting Ginji to face her in a duel. Ginji comes within inches of killing Revy, shattering her cutlass and stabbing her.

However, he is distracted by Yukio's admission of love at the last moment; he only manages to put his sword through her leg as she shoots him in the throat.

Revy comments that this hesitation was all that stopped Ginji killing her. Since the position of boss of the Washimine Group is left vacant by the death of the former boss Ryuzo Washimine, Yukio's father, Tsugio is the actual boss of the Washimine Group.

Tsugio is very loyal to the memory of Ryuzo, who had protected him after he just arrived in Tokyo from Osaka. Due to his hate of the Kousa Council's ill-treatment of the Washimine Group, he allied with Hotel Moscow for a short time in order for his group to rise and make a name for itself.

However, his plans and Hotel Moscow's completely differed in approach as Balalaika was more brutal in her methods, much to the dismay of Bando.

He is killed in a desperate attempt to assassinate Balalaika and protect the Washimine Group, Balalaika easily dodging his attempt to stab her and then breaking his neck, before sending back to the Washimine the suitcase including his body.

He was very loyal to Tsugio Bando and refers to him as an older brother. Yoshida is usually seen as a bodyguard for Tsugio, and later Yukio when she inherits the leadership of the Washimine Group.

During Yukio's inheritance of the Washimine Group's head position, it was Yoshida who rallied support for the young lady. He is killed by Chaka during Yukio's kidnapping.

Arrogant, cruel, and sadistic, Chaka is often seen as an idiot by his peers. His earlier appearance showed that Revy's reputation as a gunman in Roanapur is such that even the yakuza in Japan have heard of her.

Shortly after Yukio becomes the boss of the Group, Chaka makes his bid to take over the leadership by kidnapping her with the help of a street gang.

He was determined to fight Revy in a quickdraw showdown, but she refused and lured him into fighting a duel with Ginji instead, who defeated and finished him off by letting him drown in a pool with both his hands severed.

His character and appearance is likely based on Kakihara from Ichi the killer , as both of them are longing for a strong opponent equal to them and are sadistically violent.

Possibly based on a presumably-existing Kudo-kai member hanging around Harajuku. The Lovelace Family are one of the 13 prominent South American families, and their origin is from Venezuela.

However, the family has come under hard times from not only their peers due to their political beliefs, but also from the Colombian Cartel, which has been harassing employees of the family in order to take control of their land.

However, because of Diego Lovelace's military and political connections, the family is constantly protected from threats.

In addition, the family includes Roberta aka Rosarita Cisneros , a former FARC terrorist who is wanted by both the Cartel and various law enforcement agencies.

Because of her close relationship with the family, she is accepted as one of their own, serving as maid and, if necessary, bodyguard. Another maid, who is combat ready like Roberta, is Fabiola Igesias.

While it is one of the thirteen noble families of South America, the Lovelace family fell upon hard times, with only the meager income from their plantations maintaining their lifestyle.

He took in Rosarita Cisneros, when she was escaping from the Colombian Cartel as a favor to his old friend, Rosarita's father. He took her in and treated her as family.

Recently, he was assassinated during a speech due to the fact his political beliefs were seen as a threat by many. This event makes Roberta take up the "Bloodhound" persona once more.

He was heir to the Lovelace family line, and as such, is its current head, the twelfth in succession after his father was assassinated.

He was kidnapped for a short while by a Colombian cartel and was transported by the Lagoon Company as "goods". He and Roberta left Roanapur shortly afterwards, with some help from Hotel Moscow.

He has apparently returned to Roanapur searching for Roberta with a new maid named Fabiola, waiting in a local hotel called the "Sunken Palace Hotel" and seemed to have matured greatly in terms of emotional strength, as commented by Rock, since his last appearance.

He treats both Roberta and Fabiola as if they were his extended family and in return, both care for him equally.

However, the only person he truly trusts in Roanapur is Rock. To stop Roberta, Garcia comes up with the most drastic plan to fake Caxton's death with his own hands, thus taking away Roberta's "Path of Justice"; this causes her to hallucinate once more and shoot him.

Her consequent horror finally snaps her out of her insanity. In the aftermath, Chang told Rock that the Lovelace family will still have a hard road ahead of them in future.

Michie Tomizawa Japanese ; Tabitha St. Although her domestic skills such as cleaning and cooking were poor, she developed a close friendship with the young son of the Lovelace family, Garcia.

Balalaika refers her as a "hardcore terrorist" to the point that Hotel Moscow had to deploy all their commandos as well as Balalaika getting involved in the situation personally should things get out of hand.

She earned the moniker "Bloodhound of Florencia" for her relentless drive to achieve her objectives. Her tormented past and the smell of blood, gunpowder and muck like that of a sewer rat emanating from her was something Revy understood full well.

In combat, Roberta is a truly fearsome opponent, having trained in a wide variety of martial, stealth, and weapon skills.

Among the weapons she has used were a. Her strength, speed, endurance, and instincts were honed to almost superhuman levels, so much so that Rock at one point refers to her sardonically as "a killer robot from the future" a reference to James Cameron 's Terminator movies.

At one point in the manga she was also described as the only person worthy of inheriting the title "Jackal" from Carlos. While Roberta is one of the most powerful warrior-women in Black Lagoon , she is also highly conscientious.

She is unwaveringly devoted to her master and his son, Garcia, whom she loves deeply. Roberta and Revy fight each other, but only to beat themselves up.

Rock interferes, but Roberta and Revy tell him to stay out of it. In the manga and anime, the fight ends in a draw right after they punch each other out simultaneously though Garcia claims she won because she remained conscious.

Her kindness can easily change as seen in a humorous omake in Volume 1 of the manga when Garcia slapped her butt in a playful manner, which prompted her to pinch his arm and lift him up off the ground by the skin of his arm as punishment.

She admitted that she did murder children, women, or anyone in name of revolution during her FARC years. Disillusioned by the fact that she was merely a tool for the drug cartels in cahoots with FARC , she opted out and joined the Lovelace clan as a maid through her father who was a good friend of Diego Lovelace.

Despite being asked by Garcia not to pick up gunfighting anymore, later events in the manga, which depicts her watching helplessly as a bomb was set killing many including Diego Lovelace.

Garcia's question of why his father was a victim makes her go into battle again, seeking revenge.

Roberta's anger almost pushed her to the limit; she is shown taking mouthfuls of anti-psychotics, and experiencing haunting hallucinations in the form of her past victim Japanese engineer.

She once again stalks the city of Roanapur in search of the one responsible for assassinating her master. Unfortunately, it turns out to be the US Special Forces.

Roberta's quest for vengeance has put many of the residents including Hotel Moscow, the Triad, and the Colombian Cartel on high alert as it could mean the end for all of them if their new enemy is the United States.

Most of the residents blame the Lagoon Company for attracting her back to Roanapur despite the fact the group was in the dark about the situation and brushed it off as if it were an Elvis sighting.

Further into her quest, she begins to lose sight of her goal, almost returning to her former persona to the point she begins to lose her sanity and has trouble identifying friend and foe, thus almost harming Garcia in the process.

The FARC commander even comments that she is no longer the hound they once knew, but a diseased stray wolf searching for purpose. Her oath as the "Bloodhound of Florencia" is "In the name of Santa Maria, a hammer blow of righteousness to all injustice.

In Chapter 73, Roberta is seen with an American woman, presumably Eda, passing through airport security to continue her pursuit of the Americans.

She finally catches up with Grey Fox and kills soldiers there were 18 soldiers in three groups: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie , but Caxton himself is shot by Garcia in the hope she will give up her thirst for revenge.

A still hallucinating Roberta then reflexively shoots Garcia when he turns his gun on her, but her horror at her attack at last restores her sanity.

Garcia's gun is in fact loaded only with blanks, and Caxton survives; Garcia himself suffers only minor injuries.

In the extra missing pages of chapter 76, she and Garcia kissed and they made up with each other and returns to the Lovelace home.

However, in the fifth episode of the OVA, Roberta is severely injured and is confined to a wheelchair as she later regains the ability to walk slowly she has lost her left arm, her right eye, has a prosthetic foot and ankle, implying her lower right leg has been amputated as well.

She is one of the maids who work as Roberta's subordinates, and the only other combat-trained person among the maids apart from Roberta herself.

In combat, she prefers to use two MAG-7s that were given to her by Roberta. She also has heel blades concealed in her shoes. She is the same age with Garcia.

Fabiola first appears in the same bar, The Yellow Flag, that Roberta met the Lagoon crew in, panicking everybody with her resemblance to Roberta.

However, unlike Roberta, her suitcase is revealed to be filled with lollipops and a lunchbox with Scooby Doo and Ranger Smith on it.

She is currently helping Garcia search for Roberta. She is something of a comic relief when compared with Roberta whom she calls "head housemaid" with the utmost respect , as she is little, carries her grenade launcher concealed in her outfit, and is often prominent in humorous situations; such as her height, being picked up like a bratty little kid, to being made fun of her breast size.

Dutch describes her as a "short version of the Killer Maid", after she destroys Bao's bar. She states that she comes from the poorest slums of Caracas , where she lived with her ten siblings until she was employed by the Lovelace Family.

As noticed by Rock, she does not brawl, being a proficient practitioner of capoeira. According to her, she and Roberta are the only two maids in the Lovelace house who are proficient in firearms, with Roberta being the better of the two.

She also mentions that there are three other maids in the Lovelace house: Karina, Masica and Davia though it's unknown at this time if they're combat proficient as well.

This makes Revy question her "Just what is the Lovelace plantation like? Full of bad-ass motherfuckers who could storm the Iranian embassy by themselves?

Fabiola was disgusted at Revy for being heartless and merciless against her foes, with Revy lecturing her that love and friendship do not apply in Roanapur.

She and Garcia are reunited with Roberta; but the happiness is short lived when she and Roberta witness Garcia shooting Caxton with a Colt.

She and Roberta then tend to a wounded Garcia. On their way back, they encountered Rock and Fabiola gets upset and disgusted with him and shot him with a blank round which injured Rock's ribs for "gambling with people's lives".

She told Rock they will not meet again and that he shall "continue to dance with the walking dead in Roanapur. Just like Roberta, Fabiola is very protective of Garcia.

She is more brash than her mentor, but not as much as Revy. She tries to attack Chang after seeing him with Garcia, but he easily disarms her without trying.

She loves to play in the pool when she's relaxing, but is embarrassed to ask Garcia for a break, despite the fact he is aware of her activities.

He was entrusted by its board of directors to ensure that their illegal activities were not exposed. Kageyama betrayed Rock by appointing Captain to kill him and the Lagoon Company, thus encouraging Rock to stay on with the Lagoon Company.

Although Kageyama is married and has three children consisting of one teenage son, one teenage daughter, and one pre-teen daughter , he seems to place more emphasis on his job than on his family.

As a result of being repeatedly forced to participate in paedophilic snuff films in which they are either raped or forced to murder other children, and being repeatedly forced to watch the orphanage workers beat children to death, the twins eventually became deranged, sadistic killers.

The horrid engrossment with their torturing and murdering for pleasure is shown during the first part of Season 2 when the twins first arrive to Roanupor and purposely wound one of Balalaika's men during a gunfight, bring him back to their temporary stay with Verrocchio's headquarters, probe his body with sharp objects as a medical experiment, and then drain his body of blood and organs for them to bathe in; afterwards they kill Verrocchio and his men out of indulgence, even though they were supposed to help them escape the city.

Unknown to most people, "Hänsel" and "Gretel" are actually two personalities alternately adopted by the two children, both of whom suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder , meaning they swap being "Hänsel" and "Gretel" with each other from time to time it is likely that these were their screen names in the films.

There are slight implications that they could be incestuous , possibly due to the abuse they suffered in the state-run orphanage.

It is never made clear of what gender the twins are: In combat, "Hänsel" wields a sharp battle axe while "Gretel" uses a M Browning Automatic Rifle that appears to be taller than 'she' is.

Both also carry additional sidearms. While they were mentally deranged, Hänsel and Gretel were also cunning, having used two other children as decoys to distract the bounty hunters and using money to distract Eda.

They were also not above using their innocent appearance to deceive their enemies. As revenge for killing Balalaika's men, Hänsel is lured into a hunt across the city for Hotel Moscow's forces, until he locates Balalaika herself at a fountain, where he is abruptly shot dead by her snipers.

Gretel manages to escape and eventually boards the Black Lagoon of her own volition. Due to Rock's kindness she takes a genuine liking to him.

However, just as Gretel disembarks she is gunned down by the getaway man Dutch contacted, who was bribed by Hotel Moscow. Though initially shocked by her sudden death, Rock is glad that now she and her brother could rest in peace.

The characters' names are taken from the German fairy tale, Hänsel and Gretel. Many of the series' characters compare them to a similar pair of disturbed, sadistic twins from the American film The Shining.

She served as the leader for her project team, which was spread around the world but was connected thanks to the internet, and is quite knowledgeable on the details of the dollar bill.

Coincidentally, she falls in love with Benny after he displays his hacking skills. Janet currently seems to be having an internet romance with Benny.

One of the running gags of her story arc is her clumsiness and poor luck, which usually result in her being subject to a pantyshot.

After the Lovelace incident, Janet returns to Roanapur searching out Benny and the team. Jane is apparently a nymphomaniac , though Benny calls it "a bit broad-minded as far as sex goes".

Revy replies that "if that's "a bit", then Death Valley is a sand pit in a park". He is quite distinguishable, since he dresses like a cowboy: He is not taken serious by the other bounty hunters because he is an outsider.

Even Shenhua says, "Cowboy, this no Florida", meaning that he is in over his head. However, his skills are shown to be more than everyone thought, when he is the last bounty hunter left in the hunt for Jane and he duels Eda on board the Lagoon.

It is then later revealed that he and Eda have met previously in the United States, but Eda says they have never met.

Shortly before killing him, she confesses to him to be from the CIA. A former KGB officer, Laptev had many difficulties operating in Japan due to his status as a gaijin foreigner.

Considered distasteful and incompetent by Balalaika, he appeared to lose his standing with his peers back in Russia and this was reflected in his arrogant personality, since he did not speak Japanese despite being based in Japan.

Laptev's detachment is slaughtered single-handedly by Ginji when the fallout between Hotel Moscow and the Washimine-gumi begins.

Head of the Kousa Council. In past both Washimine and Kousa Yakuza's were allies as Yukio's father and Masami's "brother" were blood brothers.

When they both died and Masami took over, any relationship the two groups had were gone and the Kousa's mistreated the Washime group badly to the point that Masami wouldn't recognize Yukio as the heir to the Washimine group and wanted someone in his group to take over.

His mistreatment led the Washime group to call Hotel Moscow to weaken them. In the end of Fujiyama Gangsters arc, Masami was about to form an alliance with Hotel Moscow when Balalaika, after talking with Rock, decided to kill him and his lieutenants cited she wouldn't want to work with a group with such poor merchandise.

Maki is a female high school junior and goes to the same high school as her friend, Yukio Washimine. Maki seems to be a symbolic representative of the typical Japanese high school girl who is interested in skin-care, has a part-time job, reads light novels , and has poor school grades.

She is assigned to infiltrate Greenback Jane's group under the alias Feng Yifei. However, Jane and the other hacker are aware of this and use her to tap into the PLA's computers.

When this is discovered, Li's superiors believed she was a traitor and put a contract on her life to Roanapur-based mercenaries.

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American Characters in Anime A look at the often ridiculously caricatured portrayal of Americans in anime, and why they are so heavily stereotyped.

To help you feel a bit better, here are some anime and manga where Nazis get what they deserve. Outside of these incidents, the former only being said as a means of sexually intimidating and undermining Jane, who provoked Revy by arrogantly threatening to get Rock involved in an orgy, Revy does not seem to have a sex life or any visible interest in sex, probably due to the trauma of the policeman raping her.

She retorts, "Forget it Rowan. I'm not coming back. Even if there is whipping. Revy is the driving force behind Lagoon's military might, being the fighter of the team who can single-handedly defeat an entire platoon by herself.

Her role in Lagoon is at the vanguard. She's the protector when her team faces danger and the striker when the team needs to eliminate an enemy.

She also plays special roles like infiltrator, rescuer, and courier. Ultimately, she's the reason why Lagoon is so deadly. She alone makes Lagoon a force to be reckoned with.

Revy is one of the deadliest fighters in the series and the main gunfighter in the The Lagoon Company , whose skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets is almost superhuman and unparalleled.

She is capable of high movement like jumping and maneuvering herself around crowds. Roberta and Ginji are a few characters who can hold their ground, or at least be a match against her, in combat.

In moments when she has "Whitman fever", she pretty much kills anything in sight. Her weapons of choice is a pair of modified Beretta 92FS's; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.

They are engraved with "9mm Sword Cutlass" on both sides, as well as the Jolly Roger of the infamous pirate Calico Jack which is also inlaid into the ivory grips , and a manufacture inscription in Thai.

Her 92FS's were also used for melee combat at some point in her fight against Ginji. Due to her ambidextrous marksmanship skills, she is nicknamed "Two Hands" by the denizens of Roanapur.

She is also skillful with a wide variety of weapons, ranging from being able to single-handedly fire an M79 grenade launcher while standing on the deck of a moving boat, casually yet effectively firing a PM submachine gun, to wielding a Gepard Anti Materiel Rifle against a helicopter gunship.

Revy also appears to be very knowledgeable when it comes to weaponry as she was seen in a rare state of excitement when Dutch handed her the APS underwater rifle.

Revy is by far the least intelligent member of the Lagoon Company. She tends to let her judgment be run by her emotions and base her actions upon her feelings.

Even so, she's still intellectual to some degree, being able to tell a losing battle from a winning battle and being able to gather and piece information together to formulate a reasonably good solution.

Revy first meets Rock when she kidnaps him from a ship she and Dutch are robbing, hoping to ransom him for some extra money. During this initial meeting she repeatedly threatens him to keep him in line and at one point tries to execute him upon realizing they might not get a good ransom for him.

After his resourcefulness manages to save the Lagoon company from being killed by soldiers and destroying a gunship, Revy is impressed and, once he turns his back on his former employer and life, invites him to join the crew of the Black Lagoon.

She even buys him a Hawaiian shirt from the market, though this uncharacteristically friendly gesture is undermined by the shirt being hideous.

Their professional relationship begins fairly well about as well as relationships with Revy go , though Revy remains somewhat introverted and distant.

Their friendship sours when Rock begins to address her on a much more personal level, criticizing some of her more immoral actions such as voicing his disapproval of her corpse robbing , causing her to properly think about herself and her lifestyle for the first time.

This new-found introspection reawakens a lot of repressed pain, rage and self-loathing for Revy, which causes her to become furious with Rock.

Thinking his continued partnership with her will awaken more of her old demons, she initially attempts to push him out of her life and becomes more hostile towards him, culminating in an explosive confrontation at a dinner.

Rock refuses to apologize to Revy for questioning her way of life, as she is beginning to act like the people in Rock's previous job who always expected him to be submissive and apologetic in spite of their mistreating and abusing him.

She tries to execute him on the spot, but he moves her gun away at the last second and disarms her. Rock berates Revy's arrogance and shameless preoccupation with money and profit traits Rock saw in his superiors and exposes Revy's masochistic inner cycle of self-pity over her turbulent childhood and self-destructive urges viewing herself as a lost cause that cause her murderous impulses.

Revy, who becomes increasingly violent and emotional in the face of the exposure she had feared and done much to avoid, reveals that killing has become the only way she knows of dealing with the problems and people in her life.

After the fight with Rock, however, she realizes he understands what it is like to be powerless and abused by those with power due to Rock's previous employers' bullying him and eventually abandoning and trying to kill him to protect their fortunes and the two reconcile.

It is increasingly implied throughout the series that Revy, in her own emotionally crippled way, has romantic feelings for Rock, but her severe attachment disorder, nihilism, past traumas and violent temper prevent her from acting on her feelings.

Instead, she manifests them by being jealously possessive and protective of Rock, always being by his side and reacting with violent hostility to anyone she perceives as a threat to Rock's safety or as a potential rival for his attention, always using an excuse that Rock is too "reckless" to be in Lagoon.

For instance, during the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise arc, Revy admitted to being Rock's "gun", and she is there to protect him from harm, to the point of going against her rationale just to follow Rock's sense of "justice".

It is shown throughout the series Rock is close to Revy, to the point in Roberta's Blood Trail he tells her that if she is his gun then he is the "bullet", but as a bullet he is nothing but a chunk of lead that would have remained so if he never came to Roanapur, and, to ignite the gunpowder, he would need her - the gun.

He does not appear aware of Revy's feelings for him. She also does not openly admit to him that she does care about him, but she instead displays it when she hands him a silver bullet.

Rock is also the only person capable of keeping Revy in balance, other than Dutch who can only influence her by virtue of being her employer and the guy who "signs [her] checks".

Rock's presence appears to keep Revy's more volatile tendencies in check, as she often remarks how much worse any situation might have gotten had anyone other than Rock been there.

Eda particularly seems to be aware of Revy's feelings for Rock, and often questions her about them, to which Revy either sidesteps or fails to give a clear answer.